Zen Japan is an authentic Late Night Licensed Japanese Sake & Tapas Bar (Izakaya) with a fun, relaxed & friendly atmosphere. Try our growing selection of Award winning Japanese Sake, Liquors & Alcohols that go perfectly with our tapas menu
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Are you licensed?
Yes. You must have photo ID (18+)**We kindly ask that you don’t bring outside food or softdrinks (incuding water, we have tap & spring water available)**

What are your hours? Please see the About Page

I can’t find your phone number or email?
We dont have one. 

Can I make a booking?
No, we don’t take reservations

But I have a party of 12, can you take a booking?
No, we don’t take reservations, but we look forward to seeing you all

Do you do childrens parties?
No, but there are many nice restaurants near us that do.

Do you have any child friendly or non-Japanese items for my kids?
No, but there are many nice restaurants and take aways near us instead.

Do you have knives, forks or spoons?
No, we use Hashi (chopsticks) made from renewable bamboo

But what if I can’t use Hashi (chopsticks)?
No worries, there is always a first time to try everything. If you still can’t get the hang of it, then we recommend you simply hold the bowl to your mouth and using the 2 hashi gripped together, just scrap it in Japanese style or you can order the handheld foods. If you choose to bring your own spoons, we are unable to wash them for you

I am a Japanese Food / Drink / Giftware Supplier, how can I contact you?
Please see the About Page

Do you accept credit cards / EFTPOS?
No, but there are 2 ATMs within 30 meters

Do you have any Vegan or Vegetarian options?
Everything including the alcohol is animal free to the best of our knowledge (the owners are both vegan & have more than 28 years of Vegan & Vegetarian food experience)

Do you cater for Weddings?
No, but thanks for considering us for your special day

Can you cater for my allergy?
To the best of our knowledge, All food & Drinks are 100% Vegan. Japanese food is unsuitable for wheat/gluten/soy allergies. We use nuts in some of our recipies

Do you have a time limit on the Tables like other busy cheap Izakayas?
Yes, 2 hours

Do you have Sushi?
No we do Onigiri, it’s a traditional rice snack like sushi

Can I bring a cake?
Zen has NO storage for birthday cakes or plates to serve on

Do you have Wheelchair / Disabled access?
No, Zen is far too tiny. But there are many great restaurants near us that are bigger with disabled access

I can’t sit on the floor, do you have any tables or chairs?
There is 5 seats at the bar with a lowered foot well. They are first in first seated, no reservations. Otherwise there are many great restaurants near us with tables & chairs

How should I dress?
Casual or formal or even cosplay, anything goes. Be aware if you eat in you will have to take your shoes off & stinky unwashed feet may not be appreciated by the other diners in close proximity to you. Tight jeans may make it hard to sit on the floor

Do you allow outside food or drink?
No. (incuding water, we have tap & bottled water available & a fine selction of drinks)



Environmental Policies


We are an animal ingredient free restaurant that acknowledges that animal products are the largest single source of environmental pollution & destruction on earth

Liquid waste:
We have almost none. We have strainers in our sinks & we don’t cook anything in oil with no fatty animal or dairy products. We don’t even have butter!

Food waste: 
Another amazing thing is that because of our bar style ordering system, everyone eats until their full or run out of change. We have almost zero food waste & at the end of the night, the vegetables we don’t use get pickled for our Otsukemono. Unlike most Asian places we only use small rice cookers, which makes the rice more moist & any small left over rice is usually eaten by us

Solid waste: 
We have streamlined so many processes that even though we serve thousands of customers, we produce less than 1 household rubbish bin per week. 50% of which is recyclable & yes we separate it. Most of our rubbish is actually from glass Sake bottles (highly recyclable)

Our kitchen cloths:
We use reusable cloths or recycled paper where ever possible. If you spill something, please ask for a cloth, not our paper napkins

Our disinfectant:
Is food grade!! You could theoretically eat it (Although you may get drunk)

Our washing liquid:
Is ‘Earth Choice’ by Natures Organics (one of our favourite companies). We use a small amount of bleach for our floors

Energy Usage:
Our lights and appliances are all on remote control power points or timers & are switched on and off before and after use, so there is no wastage for standby power. Our hot water system is on a timer and only powers up when needed. We have no grills, no deep fryers, no ovens or power hungry cooking equipment. Our rice cookers are more efficient than an open stovetop method & our food is warmed in efficient microwaves. We have no computer systems or electric cash registers. Our entire shop is lit on approximately 150 watts, mostly long life LED’s (Our whole shop lit on less than 1.5 normal light globes!!!!). Our shop is small enough that waste heat from fridges & body warmth is enough to keep it warm in winter and only occasionally do we need to switch on the heater

Our cutlery:
We use tensoge hashi (disposable chopsticks) they are made from a very renewable fast growing grass, bamboo!! We don’t use wooden chopsticks because many of them come from non-plantation timber and use more resources to produce. We have also eliminated the paper sleeves that usually wrap them and instead wrap them with your napkin saving on wastage. 

We don’t use any plastic cutlery. As even some of the ‘Enviro’ style cutlery often contains up to 30% regular plastic as a hardener making the product non biodegrable or recyclable

Our containers:
Our serving dishes are renewable & recyclable disposable pine boats that don’t require any washing water or washing chemicals & can be disposed of as green waste to be turned into compost (along with our hashi), The majority of our drinks are served in Tokkuri (a refillable container) or recyclable glass / aluminium.

What if I have a question about your environmental policies?:
Please keep it to yourself. We feel that we have taken all reasonable steps possible for our industry. Your environmental efforts would be much better targeted at the large franchises that inefficiently raise and slaughter millions of animals and produce vast volumes of liquid and solid waste. 

Every 15 minutes spent explaining our policies to customers would mean significant lost earnings for this little husband and wife Izakaya & makes us less profitable and the larger polluters more profitable. (just 4 times a day would be financially equivalent to us being able to employ someone for a week)